Want to start a nonprofit, but don’t know where to begin? 

You are here for a reason....

Do you have a calling to serve the community? Is philanthropy or charity work a burning desire within you? Imagine feeding the homeless. Helping a woman escape from an abusive relationship. Providing a home for a child in need. 

You can change a life by starting your own nonprofit and getting paid to serve! Let us help turn your passion into profit that supports those who need it the most! 

Over 4000 Nonprofits formed and 10 Million Raised in Funding!

What You'll Learn

Nonprofit or For profit?

I’ll walk you through determining if starting a nonprofit is right for you! 

What's Required?

Get an outline of what you need to prepare before you begin!

What do I do next?

A step-by-step plan on becoming legal and succeeding as a nonprofit.

What about Funding?

Get your common questions about nonprofits answered. Like how to access funding! 

What People Are Saying

Quick. She has done the work. It is all about time over money value. I don't have to think about what to check and how to do it since she knows and shows you in the video. Thanks, proud of you and your work to serve others who serve others at a good cost."

- Brian Clark ( Client )

"I am very grateful for your expertise and experience to work with me. PRAYING for the VICTORY over the business plan and My life. GOD BLESS YOU TRACY and Much Love"

- Deshunee Davis ( Client )

Sherri White used Clark and Clark Inc. to get her Tax Exempt Status, form her Mission Statement, and Recently joined our new Funding and Development group! She just held her first neighborhood Breast Cancer Walk and is looking forward to using her story as a Breast Cancer Survivor to encourage others!

About Clark and Clark...

Hello! I'm Tracy Clark, and I have been coaching and setting up nonprofit organizations for over 10 years. My husband Robert Clark specializes in state incorporation and federal registration while I enjoy assisting with program creation and attracting the funding required to get your nonprofit to self sustainability!

Our top priority is to see more minorities pursuing their purpose and accessing the funding required. We have set up over 4000 Nonprofits and received over 10 million dollars in grant funding. We teach self sufficiency and business development to survivors of domestic violence at no cost and have several free programs to the general public, as well.

Tracy serves on the board of the most impactful transitional home for interpersonal abuse in Indiana "Coburn Place" as well as 2 additional Nonprofit boards that are focused on the empowerment of women!

We would love to be a part of your Nonprofits Journey!

When we are not serving our nonprofits we are enjoying every day like it's our last! Everyday you wake up you have an opportunity to move towards your destiny or away from it! Ask yourself which direction you are moving with every single decision made. 

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