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Hello! I'm Tracy Clark, and I have been coaching and setting up nonprofit organizations for over 10 years. My husband Robert Clark specializes in state incorporation and federal registration while I enjoy assisting with program creation and attracting the funding required to get your nonprofit to self-sustainability!


Our top priority is to see more minorities pursuing their purpose and accessing the funding required. We have set up over 4000 Nonprofits and received over 10 million dollars in grant funding. We teach self-sufficiency and business development to survivors of domestic violence at no cost and have several free programs to the general public, as well.


Tracy serves on the board of the most impactful transitional home for interpersonal abuse in Indiana "Coburn Place" as well as 2 additional Nonprofit boards that are focused on the empowerment of women!

We would love to be a part of your Nonprofits Journey!

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