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Clark & Clark, Inc.


Nonprofits Served

11 M

In Grant Funding

Clark and Clark Inc. host a wide range of business and nonprofit services including legal setup, planning, development, and marketing.

Our top priority is to see more minorities pursuing their purpose and accessing the funding required. We have set up over 4000 Nonprofits and received over 10 million dollars in grant funding. We teach self-sufficiency and business development to survivors of domestic violence at no cost and have several free programs to the general public, as well.
Tracy serves on the board of the most impactful transitional home for interpersonal abuse in Indiana "Coburn Place" as well as 2 additional Nonprofit boards that are focused on the empowerment of women!
We would love to be a part of your Nonprofits Journey!

Our mission is to help minority nonprofits through the first 5 years of growth through our legal services and funding and development training.

Our vision is to see more minorities in nonprofit leadership positions and not just on the recieving end.

Meet The Team

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Tracy Clark

Founder & CEO

Robert Clark

COO & Legal Team Lead


Linda Clark-Vega

Legal Teal Member


Adrian Wharton

Graphic Designer

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Kandis Duffield

HR Lead & Grant Writer


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