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Over 4000 Nonprofits formed and 11 Million Raised in Funding!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Nonprofit?

A nonprofit organization exist to serve an area of the community that is in need. Though Nonprofit Organizations generate income, that is not the sole purpose of the organization.


In order to qualify as a Nonprofit you need to have a charitable purpose. 

How long is the process?

Our processing time is 7-14 business days. Federal approval time for 1023ez is 30-90 business days.


Your approval date is backdated to your date of submission/incorporation. 

How will I fund my Nonprofit?

Nonprofits are created for, ran by, and funded by the community. Here are some common nonprofit funding sources.


  • Grants

  • Board Members

  • Fundraisers and CrowdFunding

  • Products and Services

Do you complete 1023 or 1024 Long Forms?

Yes, we offer custom packages for the 1023 long-form or 1024 which is used for 501c6 and 501c4 exemptions.


The filing fee is $600. 1023ez filing fee is $275 and state filing fees average $100. 



Sean Perry
We R H.O.P.E.

I not sure where to begin so I’ll just start at the beginning. I found Tracy online while we were moving our company from an LLC to a Nonprofit back in late 2017 early 2018. Right from the start I knew she was the real deal. She has helped my organization with all relevant paperwork and filings to become a NP. Since that time she has been there to help with grant funding, SBA loan funding, and starting s sister company under our current business structure. Because of Tracy we received 500K in SBA funding that I don’t believe we would have otherwise received if not for her. She has been a Godsend!


Over the last few year I have sent family members to her and as of late, my own son for his business needs. When it comes to having anyone work along side of us there is no one I trust more with company info and finance then her. I think of Tracy as part of our team and when others ask about business set up or funding I always say “ I have someone for that” I honestly feel lucky to have met her and believe it was meant to be. Most people might say “ I would recommend her to everyone” I will say “ I would recommend her to those who deserve to work with her”


Robert Davis
Seasoned with Grace Unboxed

When I began working with Tracy at Clark and Clark, I had passion, but I lacked direction. I appreciate the way she not only set up all the legal paperwork for our nonprofit, but also how she took me behind the scenes and explained each step along the way, even coaching me on every facet of the grant writing process,and helped me to become clear about the direction of our organization. I am so thankful


Valorie Kersh
An Au-Some Place


I had no idea where to start my non profit, I simply had the will and a heart to serve autistic children and their families. Tracy was very helpful, I really appreciate the time she spent answering my questions, because everyone is not as knowledgeable in knowing the language of the state and federal requirements! I reached out to her in late May and within those 2 months, my articles of incorporation were accepted and registered and my 501c3 application was approved by the IRS!!! Looking forward to utilizing more of her services soon so that I can open the doors to An Au-Some Place!!

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